Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coconut-free Makeup?

A question I often discuss with many of you offline via email is MAKEUP!

Most make-up companies usually don't list the ingredients for the world to see. So, if you want to go to the drug store to shop for make-up, you will probably find it to be a frustrating and mysterious experience.
However, I have had great success and patience from workers at Origins stores, since they have their own storefront for just their brand.  However, don't try to get much from their online representatives.  All of my requests for ingredients have been redirected to the point of being completely ignored if I try to get them emailed to me.  Also, a good Mary Kay representative will be able to go into their personal computer system and search for ingredients that you are allergic to and see which products use them.  This has been how I get the only makeup I have found to work for me.  But, believe me, I really don't use much makeup anymore.

MASCARA= No, thank you.
I remember the first allergic reaction I had to some mascara (all mascara that I have found has SLS in it or something coconut related to make it slippery).  About a half hour after I put it on, it made me feel like my eyelids were being peeled back over the top of my head.  It burned!  This was, most likely, a sign as a teenager that I had a coconut allergy.  Mascara is just so risky if you're allergic to coconut.  If you MUST glam it up in the eyelash realm and aren't sensitive to adhesives, try some falsies.  They really are fun, can look pretty natural, and actually in fashion right now (well, depending on where you live in the country).  If you live in a big city you can even find salons who will glue them on for you!

Another makeup item to watch out for is cover-up or foundation.  In its liquid form, it contains SLS as well.  A good alternative is pure mineral makeup.

LIPSTICK= Take time to sort through them.
I find that about half of lipsticks have coconut ingredients.  Look for lipstick that you can sharpen with the big pencil sharpener, rather than the extra creamy stuff in the regular lipstick tubes.  Many of the pencil lipsticks still have Coco-something or rather.

EYELINER= Maybe, maybe not.
Liquid eyeliners, like lipsticks, tend to have more allergenic ingredients.  So, stick with the ones that are in pencil form, and research labels carefully.

EYE SHADOW= Yes, please!  But only if powder.  Still double check, but I haven't ever found a powdered eye shadow that had anything coconutty in it.  Cream eye shadows would be more iffy.

FACE POWDER- Safe :-).  This may be your go-to makeup item.  Powders usually have very few ingredients, mostly talcum, minerals, and tints.  Not usually anything coconut-related.

BLUSH- Usually safe, if powder

As you can see, most of the purely powdery makeup is safe.  You can make it work better if you skin is dry by applying a moisturizer that you aren't allergic to (nutrogena seems to work well) right before you put on the powder to help it stick.  You can even mix your powder with your moisturizer.

Experiment, and let me know what you've been able to come up with!  Let us all know what your favorites are.


Sara said...

Hi Becky,
I am so glad I found your blog! I am looking for face moisturizer and lotions without coconut derivatives...what is your favorite brand? I am having trouble finding any!

Becky said...

For face moisturizer, I use Neutrogena oil free moisture, sensitive skin and have no problems. For skin I like Eucerin original or calming cream, or vaseline intensive care. Usually the more "natural" or "organic" or expensive health food store lotions are the ones that are full of coconut.

Sara said...

Great! Thank you so much! I am going to try the Neutrogena one on my face!

P. R said...

Hey all, I use Olay Active Hydrating face cream. Eucerin Original healing body cream, Ulta shiny lip gloss. I'm using Cetaphil gentle bar soap, don't know if this could be causing my asthma which is one of its worse. But I'm taking meds to control them.

Bill Stewart said...

I love coconut. If I had an allergy I would definitely find an allergy doctor in Richmond. I'm trying to convince my friend to go to one.

Ilya Caufman said...

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Lillyth said...

What about lipsticks? I am also allergic to soy (which means no Vitamin e) and sesame.

I have referred to your blog many times over the past few weeks, so thank you so much for posting it. It has been of great help!

Lillyth said...

What about lipsticks? I am also allergic to soy (which means no Vitamin e) and sesame.

I have referred to your blog many times over the past few weeks, so thank you so much for posting it. It has been of great help!

Becky said...

Lillyth- Origins has some that you have to sharpen with a pencil sharpener that are coconut free. They will take the time to let you read labels :-). But stay away from tube lipsticks or anything whippy.

FemmeTrooper said...

I actually found some mascara that has not given me any allergic reactions. I don't see anything that jumps out to me as coconut, and it's kind of nice to be able to dress up a bit and wear makeup without my eyes getting all puffy.
Has anyone else tried tarte amazonian clay mascara?

Anonymous said...

I just looked up nutrogena sensitive skin and it contains cetyl alcohol which is a coconut derivative. Is there a different product that I should be looking at? I'm allergic to coconut and sesame.


Becky said...

Cetyl alcohol can also be made from other plant sources or even animal sources. It it a crap shoot. So, I'm guessing that maybe this time it's not coconut. All the rules apply except when they don't, unfortunately!

Lizzi said...

I buy my eye shadow online from a seller I know on etsy. I did once have a reaction to eye liner, and that's probably what it was. I think my allergy to coconut isn't as bad as many, because it seems I can eat it with just a little itching if I eat too much, while putting it on my skin brings an immediate itchy (and bumpy) experience.

Anonymous said...

Jojoba oil makes a great facial moisturizer.

Anonymous said...

Lots of make-up products that have no coconut in it. I absolutely love this brand.

Anonymous said...

COver girl powder has a coconut derivative in it as well as Almay powder eye shawdows

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your blog as a fellow coconut allergic person!
I have to agree with the part about double checking on eyeshadows. I remember watching a How It's Made on eyeshadows and I was shocked to find that the one company used coconut oil to bind the pigments. As a makeup lover this was a big shock to me, so now I only buy eyeshadows that show all of their ingredients. Sadly, that usually means more expensive brands. What's a girl to do? :P
Here is the video:

Azzil said...

I've used organic olive oil the past year as a moisturizer for my face and body with good results. A little goes a long way and no break outs.

Larenim cosmetics has concealer, foundation, blush and eyeshadow in a multitude of colors and the powders have minimal ingredients, are natural and coconut free. I have used their foundation powder for years and it improved the overall health of my skin. I continually get compliments on how flawless my skin looks. Get the proper application brushes.

Anonymous said...

I've spent so many hours trying to find coconut-free makeup & skincare and have found several brands that carry coconut-free products (a few carry quite a bit and a few carry only some coconut free products). Just check the labels, but you will be surprised how many items you find that you like! So happy I did all this research my skin is finally getting better :)

-Silk Naturals (my personal favorite-AMAZING skincare too)
-Vapour Organics (trying out this concealer)
-BeautyCounter (trying out their lip gloss & others)
-Cleure (want to try their lip pencils & others)
-Zuzu Luxe (trying out their brow pencil)

Also, Clean Kids Naturally makes good coconut-free hair care products and body wash/hand wash

I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Following up on the comment I just left as "Anonymous" Becky, the blogger....thank you so much for creating this blog site! So helpful and you were the one that got me going on my coconut-free product endeavors :)

K said...

I have so many allergies including coconut, soy, sesame, perfume, benzoyl peroxide, iodopropanoly butalycarbonate -lots of lotions, and makeup removers, d-limonine(which is in like all shampoos)
Anyway I was getting so frustrated with makeup ingredients a rashes so I started making I myself. It's a work in progress but so much better. Except mascara I haven't tackled that yet.

Jill Kwasny said...

I used to use coconut oil head to toe as a moisturizer. Was doing that for a few years with no problem. Within the past few months I started developing rashes around my eyes and nose. Went to a dermatologist who simply said, you're allergic to something... here are some samples (thanks a lot!). So he was little help. I am unsure what is causing the irritation. I've tried keeping track of what I'm using/eating and it's so hard to pinpoint one thing. Have any of you developed an allergy to coconut after being able to use it for a while with no issue??? I'm trying to eliminate it but it's so hard!

Becky said...

Yes, I have been told you can develop allergies to the things you use the most. But you can survive fine because while you keep using them you can be okay and your reactions are just constant so you are used to how it feels. Then, once you stop using it, if you try it again you will have a more severe reaction because you become desensitized.

Becky said...

I meant to say that you become sensitized.

Tiffany Green said...

I love free samples especially when its free make up! i normally get mine from Gratisfaction UK but i will be checking this blog out in the future :) tiffany

Anonymous said... has a category of coconut-free products. I would still double-check the ingredients anyways, to make sure they didn't overlook any coconut derivatives, but I've managed to compile a pretty decent health/beauty regimen from the products on that list. I'm still looking for a good mascara, though.

Kate said...

Thank you so much for putting this blog together. I realized a few months ago that my several years long issues with allergic reactions were linked to a coconut allergy. With the wisdom of the posts and commenters on this blog, I've been able to eliminate most of my beauty products that contain coconut and coconut products (am still looking for the perfect solution to my hair problems, but getting better with practice and exploration of alternatives). I noticed many people have been looking for a mascara. I've been using Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara and had no allergic reactions...
Here's a list of the ingredients: Water/aqua/eau, Synthetic Beeswax, Paraffin, Glyceryl Stearate, Acacia Senegal Gum, Butylene Glycol, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Polybutene, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Cera Carnauba/Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Cire de carnauba, Aminomethyl Propanol, Glycerin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Disodium EDTA, Polyester-11, PVP, Cellulose, Trimethylpentanediol/Adipic Acid/Glycerin Crosspolymer, Propylene Glycol, Acacia Senegal Gum Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Dextran, Acetyl Hexapeptide-1. May Contain/Peut Contenir/(+/-): Iron Oxides (CI 77499), Black 2 (CI 77266), Ultramarines (CI 77007). *Vegan-friendly *Formulated without parabens