Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Toothpaste without Coconut

I found that after a couple of years my favorite sls-free or coconut-free toothpaste products have come and gone, so it is time for an update on the toothpaste scene.

I want to start by reminding everyone to be aware of the many sls-free toothpastes that are also flouride free.  This may not be what you are looking for if you are into cavity prevention.  The only times I have ever gotten cavities in my life is when I used flouride-free, sls-free toothpaste.  So maybe flouride and sls are both considered poisonous to some people who also demand that all of their products be made by solar power.  However, I find that one of the points of brushing my teeth is to NOT get cavities while at the same time NOT dying from an allergic reaction.

UPDATE!  As of March 2018 the original Closys now contains a coconut derived ingredient!

Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste - it's got a rare medicinal plant (that thank goodness isn't related to coconut).  Calcium carbonate is a main ingredient.  There is NO flouride, however.  About $8.
Water (Aqua)Calcium CarbonateGlycerinMagnesium Aluminum SilicateAlcohol, Flavor (Aroma)*, Krameria Triandra (Ratanhia) Root ExtractCommiphora Myrrha Resin (Myrrh Resin) ExtractXanthan GumAmmonium GlycyrrhizateLimonene*.
* from natural essential oils


Tom's of Maine used to have such awesome toothpastes that they have now taken off the market.  They have only kept their flouride-free sls free ones, but sls-free does NOT mean coconut free in these new pastes, unfortunately. Booo!

Original Closys now contains "sodium lauroyl sarcosinate"!  

Please comment with your favorite toothpaste!  Or invent your own so that we don't have to spend a fortune on this stuff.


Non-Profit Designer said...

Thank you so much for this post! I about had a mental break down when I realized I was completely out of Tom's and then could no longer find it on Amazon. You saved me a lot of time trying to hunt down another coconut free version with flouride. It gets so exhausting having to find new products all of the time. They are adding coconut to everything!

Unknown said...

Earthpaste! it is a toothpaste made of: Purified Water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Redmond Sea Salt, and Tea Tree Oil! comes in different flavors as well!

Kodaijin Starfall said...


The product has been updated on the official site and on amazon for Closys. It also now includes "sodium lauroyl sarcosinate" and could give you a bad day depending on your reaction to coconut.

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Thank you Kodaijin Starfall! I updated the post. We will need to write to them and express our displeasure!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky. I came across your site when I was looking for reviews of the Sunfood products for washing and conditioning my hair. I'm not severely allergic to coconut, but my blood type is O, and coconut has lectins which cause negative reactions in those of us with Type O blood. (And it is frustrating that coconut is showing up in so many products!)

Anyway... I noticed this article and wanted to make a suggestion. I used to use Squigle Tooth Builder toothpaste, and it was wonderful until they changed the formula and I had horrible allergic reactions. (Red, itchy swollen lips for weeks.)

I ended up switching to just using Dr. Tung's Ionic toothbrush with no toothpaste at all... and my teeth and gums have never been in better shape. I bought mine at SwansonVitamins and another for a family member at LuckyVitamin, but you can find it at many stores. It is not electric, so it doesn't plug in or vibrate or anything. It has a small battery, (which should last about 2 years) and when you wet the bristles and use a wet finger or palm on the handle, ions are created that temporarily change the ionic charge of the surface of our teeth which repels the bacteria, food and plaque... so it just rinses off easily. It's pretty amazing, and leaves your mouth feeling like you just had a dental cleaning. (There is a lot of research backing it up.)

There is also a solar version made in Japan called the Soladey_Ion5. It uses solar power, either sunlight or just normally bright indoor light, so it will basically last forever. I haven't tried that one yet. It's quite a bit more expensive, but I will probably switch to that when I need to replace the Dr. Tung's ioinic toothbrush I'm using. I like that last forever. (Of course you have to replace the brush heads regularly like you would a typical toothbrush.)

I hope this helps. I know how frustrating it can be when you have allergies!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I just left the comment about the ionic toothbrushes, and wanted to leave the link to one of the pages I saved about it - http://www.holistic-healing-information.com/ionic-toothbrushes.html

It's a very well written article, and it explains how it works much better than I did.

Anonymous said...

Any luck finding a coconut-free toothpaste with fluoride?

JenintheD said...

I communicated with Colgate about their products and it seems mine (Colgate sensitive is ok) - I know it’s not a NATURAL product but you know, at the time I contacted them I couldn’t wrap my head around doing natural everything - here is their reply - Thank you for contacting us regarding Colgate Toothpaste. We'd be more than happy to assist in answering you today.

At this time, none of our Colgate Mouthwashes contain nuts or coconut derived ingredients.

We only have one Colgate Toothpaste that contains coconut. It is our Colgate Hydris Toothpaste for Dry Mouth.

None of our Colgate Toothpastes contain tree nuts.

Colgate ensures that there is no cross-contamination of our ingredients at our own manufacturing facilities. Although we obtain our ingredients from reliable and trusted suppliers who maintain our high standards for safety, quality, and efficacy, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients used have not come in contact with coconut or tree nuts prior to reaching our facilities.

Unknown said...

Wanting say thanks for being here. AND Last week I reacted to glycerin in drops used to dilate my eyes during my annual optometrists visit. I'm finding that vegetable glycerin is often being labeled as just glycerin, so trying to avoid it. Here is a link to an article about vegetable glycerin: https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/what-is-vegetable-glycerin/

Posting here because I am now searching for "safer" toothpaste and mouthwash. I'll do a search for the above mentioned Earthpaste.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! I have some great coconut free facial products that will change your life. Usually, the high-end products are full of coconut but I found a couple that aren't and that have changed my life!

From Credo

Maya Chia- The super couple. Astaxanthin + Chia Multi-correctional. Facial Oil Serum (doesn't make face oily, ultra-hydrating).
for dull, tired, and aging skin.

Skin Owl- eye+ nourishing and Youth stimulating eye concentrate.
(great on wrinkles all over face)

Lilfox- Aphrodite- Rose toning mist Rose quartz infusion (smells and feels amazing).

Aqua Reveal- Satin Bright. Soft water peel for face (exfoliator, AMAZING).

Wabisabi Botanicals- formule intense no2- Balancing act. (for oily skin)

From Mad Hippie website..
Mad Hippie advance skin care- Cleansing oil, with ginger, organic rosehip & Pumpkin seed oil (face wash).

I am not going to lie, these products are expensive but you will not go wrong with them. The last a long time and the effects are amazing. They are chemical free and do more than you would ever think. Credo has a great return policy as well.

Abram Cutter said...

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Unknown said...

Just purchased my first tube of EARTHPASTE - never going back to a twice-daily allergy experience with regular toothpaste. Is it me or is brushing your teeth kind of fun? Must be the new paste. It's ugly, it's awesome, it doesn't make me cough up phlegm or hurt my gums.

Jess said...

Except all of their toothpaste contains sodium lauryl sulphate in it which is coconut.

Unknown said...

Hmmm. Not listed in the ingredients on my tube; don’t know why you think SLS is an ingredient? Jess, do you have more info? Otherwise, no SLS on the ingredients list.

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Anonymous said...

TO JESS, from ages ago: The brand is REDMOND, the product is their toothpaste called EARTHPASTE. Absolutely no SLS, no coconut. Sorry about the confusion with another product from the *brand* Earthpaste.

Janelle said...

Hi all,

I made this remineralizing tooth powder recently, it leaves my teeth smooth and clean like they have been polished. It’s also supposed to help restore calcium and other minerals to the teeth. I made mine with ground spearmint and ginger (vs cinnamon and cloves).


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Anonymous said...

Dr.Tung's Ionic Toothbrush doesn't require the use of toothpaste! (although you can use it if you'd like) I'm trying this out since I wasn't sold on the Redmond paste - especially now since it looks like the only option they have contains silver. Just another option for all of us who are having trouble finding coconut-free oral products!

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Alison said...

I recently started having issues with toothpaste and hadn't known that sls can be derived from coconut. It's so frustrating that they don't have to indicate the source on the tube, in Canada anyway. I had stood in the pharmacy aisle of a local store for over 1/2 hour reading labels and most contained ingredients that I knew were coconut oil derivatives so picked one that I thought was okay only to have sores inside my mouth after a week and then learned about sls. Grr.

Many that I looked at including Colgate toothpastes contain Cocamidopropyl Betaine which is a coconut oil derivative. I don't know if this is just in Canada but I couldn't find many without. I just looked up several Crest and Colgate toothpaste ingredients on the net and find Cocamidopropyl Betaine and/or sls on all so far (again for Canadian products).


MOPSmommy said...

Hi Ali!

I am going through this, too. I have discovered Earth Paste, and even though I was skeptical, I went ahead and ordered it. If you can get past the fake that one of the ingredients is clay (seems weird to me!!) It actually tastes fine. I had been using Fresh mint Sensodyne for sensitive teeth - turns out that sensitivity was probably coconut inflammation. That said, following using the Earthpaste, my teeth felt better and cleaner than they have in years. I was pleasantly surprised!!

Additional products that I hope will help you and ARE currently available -

Peroxyl Mouthwash is coconut and derivate free. I had been using it as toothpaste in the meantime until I found Earthpaste.

PennsHill 100% Olive Oil Castile soap is fantastic for hand soap, face cleaner, and quite frankly anything you need to wash. Even dishes if necessary. I have 5 kids and a husband so I just don't touch dish soap anymore!!
My newest discovery is GabrielcosmeticsInc.com
which has a Master Source List for their ingredients, so you can literally research every single product they make and know if it has coconut in it!! I order shampoo/ lotion / makeup from them.

Also- of you are a lip balm addict like me Vaseline makes some that is great, and after researching with my Mary Kay rep, their lip glosses are safe!

Unknown said...

Please help I need a shampooh and conditioner that contains no coconut I have chronic urticaria and can't use nothing without burning and reading everything and eveyone post eveything I have been using contain coconut it's making my life hell please help

TwiggyY said...

You can try Clean Kids Naturally orange burst shampoo, or shampoo bars from sallyeander.com

Anonymous said...

After having to switch yet again because for sone reason the new colgate recyclable tubes make my lips and mouth burn, im
Finding the natural type brands have alot of glycerin derived from coconut. I so wanted to like toms of maine kids orange mango. I also thought i tolerated one type of rembrandt but my gums have been very red and now wondering if thats the source. Ok so
Question- is there a flouride rinse with sodium monoflorophosphate but without alccohol or preferwbly any other ingredients? If i have to nake my own i need to add flouride
What did they change in the ingredients in squiggle?

Regina B. said...

does anyone have any current recommendations for fluoride toothpaste that is coconut derivative free? thanks!!