Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coconut-based Cleaning Products to avoid

This really kills me. I started buying some "green" or "environmentally friendly" or "non-toxic" cleaning products because I like staying away from harmful chemicals. Guess what? The majority of them are coconut-based and actually give me an asthmatic reaction (wheezing, eyes watering, trouble breathing) when I use them. I can't tell you how disappointed I am because otherwise, I would totally use these products! I don't think that coconut allergies are so rare that flooding the world with more coconut products isn't going to have some consequences. My husband heard about these eco-friendly products and mentioned that we should maybe start using them. I told them they all had coconut in them and he said, "Well, you're not putting them on your body or eating them." But, alas, my reaction to them is scarier than a rash or a stomach ache- they affect my breathing!

Check them out (I'll get pictures up later)- they are ALL COCONUT-BASED:

Furniture polish- "Howard Naturals- Wood Cleaner and Polish" claims on the front to be "natural vegetable-derived ingredients with essential fragrances, Invigorating Sandalwood-Tangerine" but the first two ingredients are soy and coconut oil.

Laundry Detergents-
"Seventh Generation"
Method Brand

Toilet Bowl Cleaners-

Clorox "Green Works"
Seventh Generation "Emerald Cypress and Fir"

General Cleaners
Clorox "Green Works" has a "coconut-based cleaning agent (nonionic surfactant)" for both their all-purpose and glass cleaners.
Even "Simple Green" cleaners give me a terrible reaction, but I can't tell what it is that I'm allergic to in them.

You know, I have a hunch that whatever they are doing to this coconut isn't the best for the environment either if all of us are developing horrible coconut allergies.
My personal method for cleaning is one of prevention: wipe down counter tops and showers right after using them to prevent hard water stains. Also, this is shocking, but if you run a paper towel around in your toilet on the toilet brush, then get out the harder stains with a pumice stone, you can get it to look clean (can't avoid using a little bleach, but you can do without other toxic chemicals). Vinegar does wonders on glass and baking soda is great for scouring tough stains!


Anonymous said...

Glad to have found your blog! Please add Method brand products to your list. I'd been washing my daughter's clothes in the Free & Clear version of their laundry detergent and she became itchier than ever. A call to the company confirmed my suspicions -- I think we're down to baking soda and vinegar to clean with.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I live in New Zealand and there is a brand here called 'next generation' most of thier products are coconut free (including the laundry powder) and i find it is great. www.nextgeneration.co.nz
the only products that have cocnut in them are the stain remover and the dishwash liquid.

Who am I said...

What do you recommend for laundry detergent? My son is allergic to wheat and coconut. Any ideas?

Ps. I just email "Next Generation" to see if they'll ship to the US!

Becky said...

For laundry detergent, I use any of the "free and clear" or "unscented" types and always run a second rinse. I don't know which are safe since they don't disclose chemical secrets to the public most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Becky. Like yourself wanted to go green. I just went on Seventh Generation website and left a comment...I would like to "protect Plant Home" but its more important to "Protect Number One!" My husband is my biggest concern with coconut! Thanks for the tips. Have a great day!

Sheri Sunshine's Blog said...

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Carrie said...

Unfortunately, The Honest Company's cleaners are also full of coconut derived ingredients. I've got the double whammy of being allergic to coconut and tree nuts. It seems impossible to find any natural cleaning or personal care products that don't have at least one of those.

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Gaysion said...

Love Beauty Plant I have run into a lot their products that are coconut based product, isopropyl palmitate is what has almost killed in their products.