Monday, December 3, 2007

SURPRISE! It contains coconut.

Foods that contain coconut are EVERYWHERE, even in places you wouldn't think.

My worst coconut allergy is to movie theater popcorn (many still put coconut oil in the butter, even when they say its got real butter in it).

These items also contain coconut:

Quaker Granola products-
I had a mild allergic reaction to the little granola bites, but didn't realize until recently that they put coconut in almost anything related to granola!

Now, I love Cool Whip, but since it has a high level of coconut oil, I am now banned from all mysterious whippy things at pot-luck dinners!

In fact, many processed foods contain some form of coconut, like this store brand "Mexican Lasagne." It has "fractionated coconut oil" in its chili spice. AAgh! Is nothing safe?