Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More soaps!

Thanks to everyone for your emails and comments- they really are useful!
A special thanks to Kim who just sent this email:

Since the last time I contacted you, I have found a few more soaps. Native Mother Naturals makes a baby soap that is olive oil and avocado oil based. It is really gentle and way less harsh than the

Kiss My Face one. Also, there is an anti-itch soap that is sold in horse catalogues, but is also formulated for people. It smells like sulfur, but it works well on my face and seems to keep it pretty clear.

I talked to the owner of the company, and she HATES coconuts. She doesn't like anything about them; so, there isn't any coconut ingredients in it. I am going to include links to some really good

natural companies I have found. Most of them are local companies but can be found on their websites. Have you found any other shampoos you can use. I tried the Hugo one, and it stripped my hair

really bad. Plus, I am really allergic to phenoxyethanol; so, I can't use the conditioner you use either. My hairdresser friend told me my hair is oily; so, the vinegar and baking soda aren't doing the trick.

I will keep researching and passing information on to you.



As you probably guessed, not all of their products are coconut free. They all make really natural products that work.