Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Coconut-free Thanksgiving

Ahhh, Thanksgiving!

I am sooo domestic.

The time when those of us with food allergies are forced to have those special conversations with our relatives about what they put in their mysterious whippy looking desserts.

I find that it works best when we say, "Oh, that looks yummy!  What did you put in it?"
Then, if there is coconut in it, just don't eat it.  Don't make loved ones feel bad about their recipes or make them feel like they were inconsiderate for not thinking about your "special needs."  I'm sure there will be plenty of other stuff to eat.

Family is more important than food.

Honestly. . .  no one really notices who eats what at Thanksgiving.  Or, how much they eat.  Truly.  Most of us are too busy chasing the toddlers around and around and making sure the gravy doesn't run out.

But, I thought I'd just give a friendly reminder that Cool Whip is off limits on that gorgeous piece of pie.  They also make a non-dairy squirt whipped cream, too, so keep your eye on the ingredients of all whippy stuff.

If anyone has dairy allergies among family and friends, be very aware that the non-dairy milk of choice lately seems to be coconut milk.  My brother's family puts it in everything-- so pay attention to who made the mashed potatoes- my lactose intolerant brother is usually the master of mashed potatoes. . . made with coconut milk!  However, with punch in the arm and a little reminder, he will forgo the coconut milk as I diligently separate out cheese-free portions of everything I make for him.  For my sister, I leave out the eggs she is allergic to; my mom can't have shellfish; and no onions for my father in-law.  Food is love, but food can kill.  So, does that mean love can kill?  Hopefully not this year.