Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pectolite Coconut Free Soaps - Name that Soap Contest and Giveaway!

I would like you to meet my very most favorite coconut-free soap.  

This is Jane.  Jane, meet my coconut-allergic friends!

Pectolite's Plain Jane Soap
Jane is great.  She comes from a soap maker named PECTOLITE.  Lee, the owner of Pectolite (whom I've only met through email) wanted my opinion on her new coconut-free line before she started it up.
She is really interested in making quality, natural products with no gunk in them and also has a friend who is allergic to coconut whom she is trying to help out.

And that's when Plain Jane Soap and I met. Jane has never let me down.  Sure, she is pretty plain.  So plain, she's not even vanilla.  Nope.  She's super clean-cut.   I have to admit, I have definitely used her, but she's held up better than any coconut-free soap.  And, my husband is a big fan of this soap, too.  He's not even allergic to anything but he is a picky soap guy.  He likes how super moisturizing it is and compared it to Dove.  It is amazing during these cold dry winter months. I even started using it to shave with.  Check Plain Jane out after more than a month of sliding around in my shower!

Good OLD mostly-used Jane
For those of you who are used to most coconut-free soaps, you will notice one HUGE difference:  No slimyness.  She ages beautifully! And yes, she lathers!

But wait just a second, Jane has a brand new WILDER younger sibling who has yet to be named.  

And so it arrived. . .
This one is a little more feisty and Pectolite is giving away several for you to try and help find a name!
This one's got all the same positive qualities of Jane, but with an exotic scent.

I have my ideas for a name, but I am not going to share mine just yet!  

If you would like a free sample to try coming up with a name, please do these THREE things: 

First, email Lee Pectol, the owner of Pectolite at . She will need your name and address to send the soap.  Tell her Becky from the coconut allergy blog sent you. Second, leave me a comment to let me know you emailed her.  UPDATE: Thank you, we have now reached the 14 comments and the soap is gone.  IMPORTANT: Third, after you try the soap, comment one more time on this post with your best name for it.  Lee and her team will pick their favorite and send out a prize to the winner!
The nameless soap!
Check out ingredients, etc. on their coconut-free page: 
If you see anything you'd like, here is a coupon code for 10% off your entire order for "Becky's Friends".  Enter the discount code NUTS2ALRGS  valid until 2/14/16  Yep, just for my blog reader buddies!  
The hazelnut toffee soap seems to be calling to me. . .