Monday, June 29, 2020

Another soap, liquid soap, and shampoo to try!

I got an email from Laura, who has tried out some soaps from SunGold!

She writes:

I recently found your coconut allergy blog and was relieved to find others struggling with the same plight as myself and two of my daughters...
My allergy’s is most severe.

Anyway I thought you might share Arizona Sun Gold Soaps with those on the blog.  They have a full line of NO COCONUT soap, shampoo and hair spray.
I’ve used to shampoo and liquid body soap For 6 months now and no reaction at all!!  The shampoo can get that greasy build up feel but I find using a small amount, not too hot of water and a ACV rinse does the trick!  We love love love the body soap!
You can buy small size to try and then buy larger sizes to save tremendously!!

Thank you so much, Laura, for taking the time to share this :-)