Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunscreen solutions

I do hate sunscreen. . . smearing it on, missing spots, and breaking out in all sorts of allergic reactions. I found one sunscreen that works fabulously for me- it is by Badger. I call it my Kabuki sunscreen, because it leaves my skin white. At least it's not too drastic and I can see where I've put it.

But, what I like a THOUSAND times more than my kabuki badger sunscreen is my UV Skins. They are swim shirts that feel great in the water and block UV rays so that I don't have to worry about putting sunscreen on a large portion of my body. Okay, I don't love that they went on sale right after I bought them and that they are somewhat expensive, but I love not getting sunburned. I bought one for my little three year old, too, and I love not having to put sunscreen on him as well when we swim or go to the splash park. Well, I do have to put some on our faces and ears, but other than that, we're good now. When you dry them off, they are just like drying off your own skin- they don't retain water at all. And, they do look cute- even next to all my tan friends in their bikinis.