Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bath Geek has Coconut Free Soaps

Bath Geek has just introduced a coconut free line of soaps and other products like bath bombs!

They sent me a couple soaps to try out and these are a little different than other soaps out there.  They are 100% olive oil Castile, which has a reputation for feeling a little slimy, but used in some applications the form of lather also has some benefit.  For example, they are awesome for shaving with because slimy is good when you want it to have a lubricant for your razor!  And honestly, they hold together much better than the Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap.

Bath Geek's soaps use a sugar and multiple-lye formula. Lye and potash soap doesn't mean it has lye in it- it means that that is what is used to change the oil into soap.  I noticed that they pack a powerful cleaning punch!  For example, my magicmarker-stained three year old girl came out cleaner than usual as did the super dirt stained knees of my six year old boy.  They are nice slippy slidey coconut free soaps.

However, I found they can also could be a little more drying than other soaps, but this might be due to the cure time of the soap since the ones I got were super fresh.

Go ahead and try them out- they are having a special sale for all of us who are allergic to coconut!

For a 15% discount off all orders (except gift cards) at bathgeek.com 
use the code: FROMBECKY
Offer expires Valentines Day 2018.

PS- Bath Geek's owner, Ai, has a really informative blog with all kinds of nerdy things about allergies!  For example, check out this post about Glycerin and Allergies.