Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hidden Coconut in Ice Cream

Another surprise for someone with a coconut allergy is how many ice creams contain coconut- even if they are totally unrelated to coconut.
I just found out that TWO of my favorite ice creams at Baskin Robbins contain coconut oil- Chocolate Mousse Royale, and Mississippi Mud. I have never had any sort of reaction to these, but did have one to the No Sugar Added Chocolate Chocolate Chip.
Also, many store brands (such as Moose tracks, etc) have coconut or coconut oil in them, so please read labels carefully.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog! I am allergic to a whole bunch of tree nuts and have a food allergy to Coconut.

I live in Canada and surprise surprise almost every single ice cream maker has had traces of nuts in their product since about 1996 or so.

Chapman's brand ( more recently has thankfully seen the market niche and started selling a peanut and nut free ice cream. I remember a couple years ago when I found it was the first time I had been able to eat ice cream in almost 10 years. It was an amazing thing.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ben and Jerry's now have coconut oil in most of their flavours, and here in the UK more supermarket (particularly the more pricey ones) are putting it in their ice cream aswell. It's mostly in vanilla flavours so far, but I think it's spreading.

Anonymous said...

Klondike bars, as well. Broke out in hive the read the ingredients.