Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why do I only SOMETIMES have allergic reactions?

The question has come up (thanks, Lara) of why people are allergic to some coconut sometimes, and not other times. Well, coconut allergies seem to be related to skin, in my unscientific opinion.

I've never had huge problems with coconut milk for some reason. I was able
to eat Indian and Thai food and the only problem I had was feeling a little
dizzy and having some phegm. I think that this is because it just slid
right down with soft food, unnoticed by my immune system once it got past my
mouth. If I can get coconut down my throat, it usually doesn't bother me.
My terrible reactions were if I ate something chewy or crunchy that even
gently scraped the inside of my mouth. Weird, huh. For example, I could
eat cool whip on pancakes just fine, but if I mixed it with crispy bacon, I
would end up taking benadryl as my throat closed up.

I used to eat macaroons with just a little congestion,
so I don't know what the deal is with dried coconut. But give me coconut
shrimp and I'm dying. Still, mysterious why it only happens sometimes. It
could have to do with stress levels and health or some thing. I need to go
see if there are any new books in the library, or find an allergist who has
explored these things as much as I'd like!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having this blog on Coconut Allergies. I too am deadly allergic to Coconut, and have been for the past 8 years.

The only things that have saved my life was benedryl and or Vicks Vapor Rub and to not panic when I am going into an Allergic shock. But, that works for me. It might be different for others.

I'm doing research today, because last night I went to a high end restaurant with my husband to celebrate a special occasion, and I found out after the fact that in the restrooms they had hand soap with coconut oil in it. That meant all of the wait staff had this coconut oil on their hands. They made special care that the food was coconut free for me, but they failed to realize that they had coconut oil on their clean/washed hands, and it was transfered to the glasses, stemware, anywhere that their "clean hands" had touched in the restaurant.

The food was great, but I am more grateful to be alive this morning!

Keep up the good work in your research and blog postings! Thanks so much, at least I know I'm not alone with having this coconut allergy!

gingerbread said...

I only have more severe reactions with straight coconut. Dried, fresh, milk, extract. I spike a fever, get horrible stomach cramps, break out in hives and eventually a migraine. Thai food and granola bars are barred from my diet. Which sucks. My mom shares the allergy. And like me, things with coconut oil in them don't really affect her. Burts bees lip balm absolutely ruins my lips. Sucks them dry. Most lip balms do. And I check lotions. I had a shampoo with coconut in it dry my scalp so badly it took a month to get back to normal.

If I take benadryl before I eat, i can have curry. But it's usually just not worth the rest of my day being ruined.

N said...

Please note that not all curries contain coconut.

Farasue2 said...

I could cry right now... I have been suffering so many years not knowing WHY so many things are on the "no" list for me. Health and Beauty products especially! And if I will eat something containing coconut, then until the last of it is purged from my system my scalp is inflamed, I have a rash, and my lips burn like fire. Thank you so much for helping me to begin finally having control over my LIFE! It's not fair when you're trying so hard to find out what's wrong. I wasn't born with this allergy that I'm aware? But after 2006 my body said - okay you're done. And whatever slight reactions you had before are forever gone and I will punish you if you eat coconut or use products containing coconut!!!!!!! I really appreciate this website. Thank you a million times over!!!!!

Unknown said...

Yes!! I agree about oil. I was using them in my son's food to add healthy protein and he would have hives everywhere!!!! Gummies, fruit snacks, cereals, chocolate coating, cool whip, and so many other things! I am allergic as well, however my allergist do not agree that oils cause allergy because the proteins are not in oils. Well I know that if I have coconut rum, or blue curacau I get hives all over my neck, arms, back, and head. If I eat fried shrimp or sit by someone who eats it, I will get swollen lips that itch like crazy. My son is very allergic to sunflower seed as well. I am desperately looking for a sunscreen he can use at camp. Please advise!!!
Sarah Wolfe

Unknown said...

Huge hives is what I meant

Hotshot said...

I love shrimp and I love coconut, and can eat either of them separately with no problem. But put them together as coconut shrimp, and I get severe upset stomach and I wind up throwing up.