Saturday, May 12, 2012

All kinds of things made from coconut! AAGH!

Karen at "Avoiding Allergens" sent me links to a list of a bunch of non-food items made from coconut on her Chemurgy and Allergen Blog posts.

 Non Food Items that Contain Coconuts
Cleaning Products Made From Coconuts

 Insect Repelants Containing Coconuts

Laundry Detergent Made From Coconuts

Air Filters Made From Coconuts

Instruments That Have Coconuts in Them

Candles made From Coconuts

Soap Dishes Made From Coconuts

Furniture Made From Coconuts


shaunamom said...

Oh darn, the link's broken. :-( I was wondering - do you ever have issues with your water? An acquaintance of mine has an extremely coconut allergic little girl who was sick for years until they found out that the carbon filter in their water was coconut based. 0.0 They changed water (arrowhead doesn't use coconut-based filters, I understand) and their daughter improved.

My own daughter reacts to coconut with rashes and severe stomach pain, and she always has these low level stomach aches on drinking water. We heard about the filters and changed waters, and now she's improved a lot. Not perfect, but a noticeable difference.

I was wondering if that's something you've experienced as well, or no?

Becky said...

Shaunamom--Thanks for the warning about the link. I updated it because Karen now has MANY links to many products. It makes my brain want to explode how many things are made from coconut... like it's the new corn.

That is interesting about water filters...I don't usually have stomachaches from water and I use a two stage undersink filter. There was a time when I was using a pitcher filter when I was in the middle of moving and I was pretty sick, however.

Holly said...

Hello! I ran across your blog because my daughter reacted to coconut during prick testing at the allergist - she's never had it, so I am not sure how severe the allergy would be, but I'm trying not to find out! (According to her allergist, coconut allergies are *usually* the mild kind...but from your blog, clearly, not always.) Anyway, I am currently researching chlorine water filters for the shower - my daughter and I have problems with itchy skin, and I'm suspecting chlorine - and was considering one made by Aquasana...until I read it uses coconut shell carbon. I wanted to post this as an FYI. I'm also going to check on the content of our reverse osmosis filters, just in case. Thanks for your blog! We moms really appreciate all allergy info we can find for our kids. =)

Lacy said...

Just saw that my Dollar General brand Benadryl has SLS in it. The equate brand does not. No wonder I felt worse after I took it! Anyway, watch out! Not even the allergy meds are safe.

Anonymous said...

Just connected my suspicion of coconut allergy (recently confirmed) with an EXTREME reaction to bottled water. Contacted Arrowhead Springs and a few others. Arrowhead confirmed they use coconut filters so I wanted to update that since someone mentioned above that it is safe.

I can't believe I need to carry an epic pen because of bottled water. . .and I can't believe the companies do not have to announce these allergens on their labels.

Dan Pena said...

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