Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coconut free soap fan mail from Melissa

Thank you again for your note, Melissa!  With her permission, I will share her email since it is pretty much how we all feel about slimy alternative soap (see below):

I wanted to thank you for your blog at  My husband has a coconut allergy, which seems to be somewhat uncommon as he’s not allergic to any other kind of nuts, only coconut.  His throat will swell if he eats whole coconut, he will get sick to his stomach if he eats movie theater popcorn that’s popped in coconut oil, his skin will break out on contact if he uses shampoos or other products that contain coconut oil.

I’ve gotten away from using most commercial or non-organic cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, and soaps.  If my local health food store won’t carry it, I don’t want it on my skin.  My biggest stumbling block has been bar soap.  The vast majority contain coconut oil, because of its moisturizing properties and the thick, rich lather it creates.  My only alternative has been castille/olive oil soap, but my husband doesn’t like it because it’s ‘slimy’.

I’ve finally found a solution, and that’s soap made by One With Nature ( ).  I use the lemon sage and love it!  It has an amazing scent and is husband approved.  Much better than the ‘slimy’ Kiss My Face olive oil soap I was using before.

Just to be sure before I purchased the soap, I contacted the company to be sure that they were coconut free.  They confirmed that the formula for all their soaps (except for ‘Coconut Lime’) did not contain coconut.  Most use palm oil, and some also contain argan oil, but no coconut.  You can see the response below.

Hope this helps!



Good Morning Melissa, 


Our Bar soap products (4oz and 7oz size ) are both made in Jordan and then

shipped to the United States.  Our lotion, Hand Washes and Body Washes are

made in the United States with Dead Sea Salt brought in from Jordan.  The

same can be said for our Dead Sea mineral Bath Salts. 


We do have a line of our products that is called Coconut Lime.  As you are

aware, we recommend you to not use this line. 


We used to have a bar soap called Coconut Milk but this was discontinued 


All of our other bar soaps SHOULD be Coconut Free.  There SHOULD not be

cross-contamination.  But we do not guarantee the production line in the



We recommend that you test a small area on your body to double check for any

allergies that some people have to natural fragrances. 


If there is a particular scent which you prefer, I can provide the

ingredients list to you. 


If you would like more in depth information on the ingredients used, One

With Nature utilizes the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients

(INCI) I have provided the link for your reference.



Thank you for your inquiry. 


Stacie Swarner

One With Nature

Director of Business Operations 


Lacy said...

I have also found Grandma's Pure Lye Soap made from lard, lye, and water. Only thing I can use for my hair (followed by ACV rinse) due to coconut and palm allergy. I found it at Campbell's and on ebay.

Sherri S. said...

Excellent info, but I have to point out one thing about palm oil. In the USA, coconut oil is also classified as a PALM oil. SO, in reality, coconut palm oil can be included under the "palm oil" umbrella. My daughter cannot eat Oreos, which have palm oil, because we suspect the palm oil has coconut in it. However, there are other foods that DO contain palm oil where she has not reacted... BUT on the whole, we avoid it as well. Another of our Palm Oil-Coconut Oil issues: Nutella made in CANADA (the North American/South American distributer) uses palm oil that DOES contain coconut whereas the European version, made in Italy, uses Veg Oil so we import it.

Sarah said...

Most of SallyeAnder's soaps do not contain coconut! They never use the oil or palm oil, which is much more environmentally friendly and safer for the reasons Sherri said! I think one or two soaps contain pieces of whole coconut, but that's it! I use it and love love love it. One bar lasted me one and a half months and I am an athlete who showers two or three times a day!

Anonymous said...

Our family switched over to Kiss My Face soap but my boyfriend hates it and I don't care for it either. I bought the stuff I need to make homemade soap but it's hard to get the chance to actually do it with four kids to take care of. I'm also really nervous to mess around with lye when I have an energetic toddler in the house. I'm allergic to coconut, palm, and tree nuts which makes it so difficult to find decent soap. I recently ordered soap online from Henna Sooq. Their Moroccan Clay Shampoo Bar and Sweet Honey Shampoo Bar are free of coconut, palm, and tree nuts. For anyone who may be anaphylactic or very sensitive, they do sell products that contain coconut so there might be cross-contamination. I haven't contacted them to ask. I'm excited to try some "real" soap again.

Thank you so much for this blog. It's the only one I've found online about coconut allergies. I've been lurking and checking for new posts every so often. The info on here is really helpful.


Unknown said...

The liquid hand soaps on the OneWithNature Site contain Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Be careful.