Friday, April 24, 2015

A list of coconut-free cosmetics from Lush, Tarte, and Per-fect

Many thanks to Cara for sending me this list she compiled of coconut -free products made by Lush and a couple other companies:

Ultrabland - facial cleanser
Mask of magnaminty - face and body mask 
Angels on bare skin - face and body cleaner 
Shades of earl grey - massage bar 
Yes yes yes - massage bar 
No drought - dry shampoo 
Zeste - styling gelly
 Sea spray - hair mist 
Henna hair color
Putty for your hands - hand soap 
You snap the whip - body butter 
Aqua mirabilis - body butter 
Buffy - body butter 
Tiny hands - hand cream 
Stepping stone - foot scrub 
Volcano - foot mask 
T for toes - foot deodorizing powder 
T'eo - deodorant Ultrabalm - multi purpose balm
 Most of the face mask they offer 
All of their toners 
Full of grace - face moisturizer 
Grease lighting - calms and clears skin 
Bubble gum - lip scrub 
Mint julips - lip scrub 
Most of the lip balms 
- lip tint

 Tarte high performance naturals
Amazonian clay full coverage air brush foundation

per-fekt skin perfection gel 

Doesn't this look like fun stuff?  Keep the lists coming, coconut allergic friends!


Paige said...

Aqua Miribilis has Laureth-4 in it, which is derived from coconut.

Anonymous said...

There is a brand called First Aid Beauty. From what I have seen so far their products don't have coconut.I use the Face Cleanser, the Ultra Repair Cream, and the lip balm tube. All of these are wonderful and gentle on my sensitive skin and as someone with a coconut allergy I haven't had any reactions! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you contact Tarte to see what their Capryly Glycol is derived from? I'm feeling really hopeful that maybe I could start trying products that have this ingredient.

Linda said...

My skin is very sensitive and I mostly like to use organic or mineral based products on my skin. That is good that you have shared a complete cosmetics list.

Unknown said...

Great post! Please more of it :)! Do you also have an Instagram account? Also naturally clean kids shampoo and bath cosmetics is coconut free :)!!!

Anonymous said...

The second ingredient in First Aid Beautys skin cleanser is "Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate" so I would not take the advice listed in the comments above haha

Anonymous said...

This list is really helpful, I'm so glad other people are allergic to coconut! Its in EVERYTHING nowadays!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I use Herbalism by Lush which also has no coconut.

Harley said...

Appreciatee your blog post