Monday, June 29, 2020

Another soap, liquid soap, and shampoo to try!

I got an email from Laura, who has tried out some soaps from SunGold!

She writes:

I recently found your coconut allergy blog and was relieved to find others struggling with the same plight as myself and two of my daughters...
My allergy’s is most severe.

Anyway I thought you might share Arizona Sun Gold Soaps with those on the blog.  They have a full line of NO COCONUT soap, shampoo and hair spray.
I’ve used to shampoo and liquid body soap For 6 months now and no reaction at all!!  The shampoo can get that greasy build up feel but I find using a small amount, not too hot of water and a ACV rinse does the trick!  We love love love the body soap!
You can buy small size to try and then buy larger sizes to save tremendously!!

Thank you so much, Laura, for taking the time to share this :-) 


Anonymous said...

Please note that the above shampoo (and pretty much everything on that site) has palm derivatives. If you are allergic to coconut, your chances of also being allergic to palm products is higher. I appear to be allergic to palm products in addition to coconut, either that or the soap I bought claiming only palm ingredients wasn't telling the whole truth.

Just FYI.

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Courtney C. said...

Hey there! Wanted to let you know that Gabriel Cosmetics has a large amount of coconut-free products. I have been using their Clean Kids Naturally line for over a year (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, lotion, detangler), and I recently started using a lot of their makeup. Their customer service has been fantastic with answering my questions over the last year haha. They recently re-did their website and clearly state which products are coconut-free, along with posting a master list of the ingredients. Here's a link to their FAQ:

I have also found that 100 Percent Pure is a fantastic makeup company that will promptly answer any questions about coconut allergens, if you can't find it on their ingredient lists already. Their lipsticks are great. I've been using their makeup for about 6 months.


Unknown said...

Hello!! I’m desperately seeking answers! I’m pregnant and searching for a baby shampoo and baby wipes even baby formula that doesn’t have coconut! I found one formula that doesn’t have it, similac alimentum, which is amazing because breast feeding doesn’t work for everyone or what if there’s an emergency and I can’t feed baby right then. I can make baby wipes IF I can find a baby shampoo that doesn’t have coconut. Another thing I’m worried about is diapers, I know that even tissues have coconut sometimes so I’m worried diapers will have it since it’s “healthy” for the babies skin. Please please please!! ANY ADVICE will be soooo appreciated!! Thank you!!!

Unknown said...


I'm not sure how to contact you directly other than to comment, but I found this small slime seller that is super great with allergens! I told them about my coconut allergy and they are making a batch of slime for me that's coconut free. They said they're going to have regular products that are coconut free in the future. In the meantime, I'm sure they'll accommodate any scene and textured slime to be completely coconut free :) Here's their info.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know a coconut free deodorant ? I also have to stay away from coconut products and food thx!!

Unknown said...

I use 2 products for deodorant, the first being salt deodorant. They last a long time! I bought the 3 pack in October 2019 and am almost through the first one. Just run water on it for a second and rub it in your armpit.

The second product is this 'healing ointment' Let the salt deodorant dry for a minute then rub a little of this in. 1/2 of a pea-size amount per armpit works great for me and lasts 3-4 months. It really helps moisturize after using the salt.

I'm not a very sweaty person, so I rarely t have to reapply these throughout the day. The only time I reapply is if I know I'm going to be out walking for more than a few hours. On those days I just apply the lavender ointment about 4-6 hours after I first applied. I take showers at 8 pm and both products last me until the next shower. Don't keep the lavender stuff in a hot place. Room temperature is good. The fridge is good too. Make sure there's no water underneath where the salt is or else it can start to dissolve it. I usually do the salt stuff right after getting out the shower and keep the cap off until I'm done with skincare, hair, and getting dressed.

Hope that helps!!!

Unknown said...

I just ordered clean kids shampoo I hope it works I’ve been thinking I’m allergic to coconut in my soap and shampoo scared to use my old shampoo hope clean kids works . What was your reaction my scalp doesn’t get effected At all my skin itches that’s why I think it’s from soap /deodorant thx!!

abbey.herendeen said...

For soap, I've fallen in love with Cadron Creek Soapworks (on etsy) - it's not high lather, but it's very creamy and doesn't dry out my skin. The owner is also a coconut allergy sufferer, so nothing in her shop uses coconut or palm oils.

For deodorant, I love this stuff:

Janelle said...
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Janelle said...

Hi all,

Wanted to share this YouTube tutorial link for making your own liquid olive oil Castile soap for about $2 a batch! All you have to do is grate a bar of pure olive oil soap, like the ‘kiss my face’ brand, and stir into simmering water, cool, and dilute to the consistency you like. You can also add any essential oils you want at that point. I’m going to try it as a dish soap and if that doesn’t work, use it for hand soap or in shower. Quite a deal, and easy, if you like making things.

Janelle said...
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Jo Santo said...

My daughter has a coconut allergy. She's been using Aleppo liquid soap which is made from olive oil. It can be found on Amazon. She uses it as shampoo & body wash. She also uses it to wash her newborn, otherwise my daughter's hands break out in a rash with regular baby products. As for formula, the baby isn't allergic to coconut, so that's a blessing. But my daughter has to avoid contact with the milk on her skin. She mixes a 24 hour supply once a day in a Dr. Brown pitcher for that purpose (also on Amazon). Then she just has to pour it into the sterilized bottle & warm it. Follow your pediatrician's advice regarding the right formula for your baby. You won't be ingesting it, so the most reaction you will experience is some topical dermatitis, if the milk gets on your hands. You could always wear gloves when mixing and feeding. Even cotton gloves.

Sarah said...

I found it depends on the severity of reactions as well as what the palm product is exactly. But thanks for looking out. Not all palm products are cross-contaminated so I hope you followed up with your doctor!

Jaff Parker said...
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Tiana Organics Food Supplement said...
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Kriesnendu Houly said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I recently discovered that I may be allergic to coconut. For the last 7 years, many of my products made me itchy or break out. I'm learning, as many of you already know, that almost everything contains coconut or a coconut derivative. The hardest thing to find has been a shampoo.

I tried 30 or 40 different shampoos (made me itch). I tried making shampoo with alma & neem (allergic). I tried shampooing with natural soaps, like Kiss My Face olive oil soap - only 3 ingredients. The problem with natural soaps is that you get scalp buildup if you don't do an acidic rinse afterwards, and that buildup can cause more scalp irritation. The pH of these soaps (in fact many shampoos) often violates the skin's "acid mantle" - disrupting the skin barrier, making the skin more susceptible to more irritants. I wonder if it's how I got my coconut allergy to begin with.

So, I was on a quest for a shampoo that would:

1) not contain coconut or its derivatives
2) clean well and leave no buildup
3) have a happy pH for my scalp between 4 (or 4.5) to 5.5
4) be cheap
5) be easy (I didn't want to cook soapnuts, etc.)

I found it and I share it here. It's a shampoo I make myself (easy!)

- 1-1/2 cups distilled water
- 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
- 2 teaspoons alpha olefin sulfonate
- 1 teaspoon rose water

Mix. Use. That's it. Here are some details:

- Use distilled water (not tap water). Tap water has impurities that can irritate the skin. Distilled water is cheap. A gallon cost me about $2.
- I happen to use Bragg's apple cider vinegar (ACV), but I suppose you can use any brand. ACV adjusts the pH of the shampoo. I admit, I have a pH meter (or you can use pH paper to check the pH) to get the shampoo to the happy pH zone (above). The addition of ACV will make your hair... shine! If you have buildup from natural soaps, you'll just love this to wash that all away. No, you won't smell like vinegar after it's all rinsed out. I don't use a conditioner (see leave in conditioner, below).
- Alpha olefin sulfonate is a saponifying agent/surfactant. This is the soap that does the cleaning. I've searched high and low and this is the only saponifying agent/surfactant I can find that is not coconut-derived. It is not related to sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. It cleans my oily scalp well. I get mine from Making Cosmetics, but other cosmetic ingredient suppliers may carry this as well.
- I use rose water mainly to balance the smell of the ACV. I stay away from essential oils, as many are allergic to those too.
- There is no preservative (allergic to that too) in this shampoo, so it is perishable. I only make enough to last about 3-4 days, tucking the shampoo bottle in the frig between washes. If you make too big a batch without a preservative, it'll starting growing bacteria, fungus... and you don't want to dump that on your head.
- I use this as a body wash too.
- It can be drying. It's like a clarifying shampoo. I use a leave-in conditioner that I make with sunflower oil:panthenol (10:1 ratio). Shake before each use. You only need a small amount of this on just the hair, as it's easy to overdo. Sunflower oil is found in you supermarket. It's one of the few oils that is actually absorbed into the hair shaft and it's noncomedogenic. I keep it off the scalp, however. Panthenol can be found at Making Cosmetics, on Amazon, other ingredient suppliers.

I am happy to have found some relief and I hope you do too.

From a fellow coco sufferer.

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